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Susan Kuchinskas

Why do you say "boys only"? I don't think there's any evidence that sniffing oxytocin wouldn't have similar effects on women. In general, males are overwhelmingly the subjects of these and most studies, because it's difficult to account for fluctuations in women's hormonal levels.

Only one oxytocin study that I know of included women. See http://www.hugthemonkey.com/2006/06/oxytocin_keeps_.html

In that study of couples, the lead researcher, Beate Ditzen, found no differences in the effects between men and women.

In the case of this "mind-reading" test, women may perform better in general, which might make it harder to note a difference.

Dr X

And can you believe what some characters will try to sell to those who want magical powers? Obviously, the research does not support the marketer's claims, so anyone who stumbles upon this, don't waste your money. This is purely for amusement and entertainment purposes:


Self Help Zone

Hi there...

Is this blog active anymore?? I have found very good information here ... but since few days there wasn't any updates.....just checking....let us know if you moved to other place...thank you..

Self Help Zone.

Theresa Korman

Oxycontin and oxytocin are 2 different drugs was this a typo

Brooke Alderman

I found this article very interesting because it always has frusterated me that guys couldn't always tell what I was thinking! Does it have to be administered through the nose to be affective? I wonder what this drug would do to women then, since they seem to read people's emotions better than men. I liked this article, it was a fun tid-bit


Ummm in the first sentence you refer to oxytocin as oxycontin

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Domes suggests that oxytocin could be investigated as a treatment for people with autism, who struggle to read the emotions of others.

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I picked up on the mis typed oxycontin reference in the first sentence too. None the less those are very interesting findings. I wonder what direction they're heading and how they may try to use this information in the future.

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