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  • Chris Allan is a clinical psychologist and Director of the Psychology Clinic at the University of Wollongong. He has a strong interest in both cognitive and psychodynamic therapies and an ongoing fascination in the interaction of technology and psychology. His interests are varied and include martial arts, playing guitar, cooking, chess, clothes, poetry and computer gaming. He is married with two children two dogs and a budgie.

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Dr.  X

Great post, Chris. This is really interesting stuff.

Dr Janet Barnes

This is an interesting article. Some research was published in Scotland providing evidence that CBT has no lasting effects upon anxiety or psychosis. http://www.hta.nhsweb.nhs.uk/execsumm/summ942.htm


Thanks for this post, which I am going to link to in my blog. MindFields College has long asserted that CBT is not the complete answer to treating mental health problems, as governmental funding and budget allocation would seem to suggest.



love, Fritz

Dr. Deb

Totally interesting post!


As my understanding of CBT has increased over the years, I have come to believe (open to challenge) that the best way to access and thus challenge distorted/ dysfunctional/ maladaptive / unhelpful beliefs is through behavioural experiments, experiential exercises etc. My guess is that cognitive challenging is a useful part of CBT but that our technology for uncovering the actual belief systems at work is not particularly well developed. If we are challenging the wrong beliefs/thoughts, we will have little impact.

Koala Gal

Hi I am a Psychiatry post-doc doing a PsyD...

I study the brain and .. feeling a bit overwhelmed by purposeless research just for the sake of publication.

I like the program but I don't think Clin Psychologists are effectively helping people.. and am disappointed. I don't know if I have not been lucky enough to see any effective psychologist or not....

er er er er...

My PsyD


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Good article,

Christine Bonsmann

My experience when working with a CBT model with clients facing relationship problems is that modelling relationship skills helps clients to change their behaviour. What is learnt from the therapeutic relationship seems to last.

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I think what I find most interesting is that both pharmacotherapy and exposure alone treatments appear to produce cognitive changes the same as CBT.

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The distinction between sadness that is a normal result of painful losses and depressive disorder is a fundamental one... distressing—sadness or a depressive disorder in which something has gone wrong with mood processes and the sadness


I think what I find most interesting is that both pharmacotherapy and exposure alone treatments appear to produce cognitive changes the same as CBT.

John Threadgold

Yes CBT is a load of old Bull. I have had several clients come to me, having found CBT to be inefective. Simple stuff, like getting them to sense into the body, keep the panicy feelins comapany, treat them with gentle curiosity, experience them process naturally by remaining in realtiosnhip with those feelings, ( the process is called focusing), is far more effective than the supression techniques incouraged by CBT !

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