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I wonder how the researchers take into account/control for the effects of each participant being wired up. Do you suppose we are more or less empathic when under scrutiny?

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what the hell is going on with that ?


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thanks for share this information, is very usefull to me... i like this part of the blog:"As part of an ongoing study of the role of empathy in psychotherapy, the MGH researchers videotaped therapeutic sessions of 20 unique patient-therapist pairs." is very good

Christine Bonsmann

If you can't pass the empathy test what are you doing with the client?

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I don't know what to do in this case.

Marc Handelman, PhD

For a psychotherapist being empathic is necessary but taken alone may not be enough. While it can help a patient feel supported and understood, it does not necessarily promote change. Sometimes a therapist with his own boundary issues may be too concerned with being empathic because of his need for approval or need to be liked. For more check out this article: http://www.psychotherapy-nyc.com/blog/2011/01/empathic-therapy/

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It really confused me a lot, what if you can't pass the empathy test? do you blame them? Thanks for the great tips, i will definitely check out eureka's breaking science news.

Calvin Klein

thank you1

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This is something that is worth reading.

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Eureka is one of the good source to keep updated about medical science, it provides us to know about Empathy Test. Just we have to suppose on that if we really are a more or less empathic? it's a very creative blog post. Keep sharing.

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Did not here about Empathy, that's why recently i visited on your post and want to know some thing interesting about this topic. what is important that just we have to suppose on that if we really are a more or less empathic? Because we have to have a strong reason to do it. Nice article post. Hoping to come here again.


Skin conductance is a measure commonly used for the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, which controls human arousal and provides a physiological context for emotional experiences.

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Empathy test is the very important treatment for patients. And your description its to good because everyone can understand its really easily and clearly. And also You really admire me doing such thing to help patient from this think.

Warren Pettitt

I remember seeing an interesting NOVA special on mirror neurons. The empathetic connections are definitely an area of experimental study that is going on in labs today (I think I remember one of the labs was at UCSB). Anyway thanks for the good info.

Warren Pettitt

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