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Mary E. Rawlings

The article Premature Termination: A Social Construct Affects Psychotherapy Outcome, which was published by Annals of American Psychotherapy Association in fall of 2005, volume 8, issue 3 shows by the use of empirical research methods that clients choosing premature termination are empowered by the experience of premature termination when the therapist properly cooperates with the client's decision to leave. The therapist can do much harm when not cooperating with the client's decision to leave. Legal issues regarding this exist as well. Please see this article for details.

Mary E. Rawlings

If you need a copy of "Premature Termination: A Social Construct Affects Psychotherapy's Outcome" for educational purposes, you can request one from the author by writing to actiontutor@hotmail.com

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well no, no one of my client has quit until the of the term, actually many of then renew the contract with me, I'm a computer operator and I fixed then too, sometimes I sell computers and my clients always end happy with the job that I do.

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Narcissistic injury is also common among therapists, I've got some symptoms and it's great because you always ask for mirrors. But for some therapists whose own self-esteem is closely tied to their ability to help others, the loss of a patient through premature termination threatens their sense of self-worth.

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